Great Dunmow


Old Photos of Great Dunmow


Some of the competitors in the Dunmow Horse and Cart Parade 1906. This was an annual event and took place on Whit Monday. Whole families joined in the fun, in decorated carts pulled by horses laden with horsebrasses and other embellishments. The shop in the background was owned by the parents of Dolly Dowsett who wrote the first major book on Dunmow’s history. It is not known why the man on the extreme right is carrying a gun!


Dunmow Station at around the turn of the century. The signalbox can be seen in the background, together with several closed railway vans. The ladies fashions and the policeman’s uniform give a clue to the date, together with the profusion of enamel advertising signs. Milk in churns is awaiting loading onto the next train for Braintree.



The people of Dunmow gather in the Market Place on the 22nd of June 1911 to celebrate the coronation of King George V. All the shops are gaily decorated and the people are wearing their ‘Sunday best’. The Excelsior band is playing in the centre of the picture and a number of Scouts from one of the newly formed troops are standing in the foreground. The buildings in the picture are little changed today.



Troops during World War 1 marching through Dunmow, from Stortford Road into Market place, watched by a small crowd of locals. Most of the buildings in the photo, taken by Mr. Willett, are still almost unchanged apart from the addition of different shopfronts. The date of the picture and regiments involved are not known.