Great Dunmow


Dunmow Books 1850 - 2013

The History of Dunmow with a directory of the parish – J W Savill (1863)
The Dunmow Almanac – J W Savill (1865-72)
Antiquities of an Essex Parish – W T Scott (1873)
Photographic album of Great Dunmow views – T J Smith (pub) (1900)
Picturesque Dunmow – (1910)
Dunmow Almanac and Directory – Robus Bros (1913-16)
Notes on the history of Dunmow (Dunmow Notes no.1) –Robus Bros (ca.1920)
Dunmow Roll of Honour1914-16 (Dunmow Notes no.2) –Robus Bros (ca.1920)
Notes on the Parish Bells of Dunmow (Dunmow Notes no.3) –Robus Bros (ca.1920)
Dunmow Congregational Church (Dunmow Notes no.4) –Robus Bros (ca.1920)
The Lock-up,Coach House etc. and extracts from the Corporation Records (Dunmow Notes no.5) –Robus Bros (ca.1920)
Dunmow Parish Registers (Dunmow Notes no.6) –Robus Bros (ca.1920)
Dunmow and its Charters – Robus Bros (1923
Lionel Lukin of Dunmow – Robus Bros (1926)
Bacon Curing in Essex: The Dunmow Flitch factory – L M Douglas (1920)
A Short History of Great Dunmow Parish Church – W J House & F Robus (1926)
Dunmow Official Guide – Vickers Kyle (1926)
Tales of Old Inns No.36 – the Saracen’s Head at Great Dunmow – Trust Houses Ltd (1937)
The Story of the Tower of St. Mary’s Church – N Mellish (1937)
A Dunmow Diary –Alexia Wilson (1951)
The Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow – D T Callum (1961)
Dunmow Congregational Church – N T Green (1962)
Hasler & Co.. A Hundred Years of Agricultural Trading – S Knight (1963)
Dunmow through the Ages – D Dowsett (1970)