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RUH Contents


Land, Agriculture and Industry in North-west Essex
Author: Geoffrey Ball
Publisher: SWHS
Publications ISBN:    978-1-873669-02-0
Price:   £9.50 inc postage

Discover Uttlesford: Circular Walks along the Uttlesford Way in Essex
Author: Peter Cooper
Publisher: Peter Cooper
ISBN: 978-1-873669-05-1
Price: £9.50 inc postage


Clavering Langley: the first thousand years
Eileen M. Ludgate
Price: £5.00 From:
Clavering Langley: 1783-1983
Eileen M. Ludgate
Price: £5.00 From:
Clavering at War - an Essex village 1939-1945
Author: Jacqueline Cooper Price £10 (+ £2 for postage). From:
Parish Church St Mary & St Clement, Clavering, Essex
Author: Jacqueline Cooper
Published: Clavering Parish Church (sold in aid of church funds)
Price: £1.50 inc postage (£1 in church)
Clavering WW1 War Memorial
Author: Jacqueline Cooper
Price: £5.00 (+postage £1.20)

Duddenhoe End

Duddenhoe End Book 1: Aspects of an English Village (2007)
Duddenhoe End Book 2: The Life & Times of an English Village (2008)
Duddehoe End Book 3: Farming through the Centuries (2008)

All by Olive Harvey, who has since died. All books are currently out of print, but copies are in Saffron Walden library.


Elsenham Village of a Thousand Years (now on CD in pdf format)

Slide Show CDs of old Elsenham, vols 1 and 2 All by Ray Franklin. Each one costs £5, or any two for £8, or all three for £10. Cheque payable to R.Franklin to: The Bungalow, Stansted Road, Elsenham, CM22 6LL

Essex Journal

The Essex Journal is published twice a year, in May and October, under the management of an Editorial Board consisting of representatives of the Essex Archaeological and Historical Congress, the Friends of Historic Essex, the Essex Record Office (on behalf of Essex County Council) and the Honorary Editor.

Chairman: Adrian Corder-Birch
Hon. Editor: Neil Wiffen
Hon. Treasurer: Geraldine Willden
Hon. Secretary: Karen Lawrence
Hon. Membership Secretary: Jenepher Hawkins

Contributions are welcome, style notes available. Contact:

Annual subscription is £10. For further details please contact:

Great Chesterford

IR1 STACEY GEORGE DYER A Chronicle of the Village He Loved A personal narrative adapted from odd writings about Great Chesterford, of a man born in 1878 £1.50

IR2 OUR VILLAGES Their Beginnings and Now

Abstracts from Written Oral History Records

Outline History of the Ickleton Chesterfords Area”

Mary Symonds Reminiscences” of her visits to her grandparents in Great Chesterford as a child before the 2nd World War

The Chesterfords Newmarket Railway 11846-1958 £1.50
IR3 The Life of a Young Farmworker in the 1920s the Fate of many Chesterford Farmers

Joe Wakefields recollections of his early life in farming £ 2.00

IR4 Disaster at the Park Little Chesterford 30th May 1944

A collation of the information collected by Janet Clark about the explosions at the ammunitions dump at Little Chesterford Park £3.00
IR5 A Village on Fire Little Chesterford 7 April 1914

A perspective of Little Chesterford before and during the great fire in 1914 and the buildings and people affected by Ken Kilford £2.00

IR6 Memorial Inscriptions in Church and Churchyard

 transcriptions compiled by James Marshall  £2.50


IR7 From the Registers 1586-2000

transcriptions compiled by James Marshall  £3.50

IR8 LITTLE CHESTERFORD IN 1801 as revealed in the Inclosure Awards

Ken Kilford presents the Awards, the results of the Inclosures, and extracts information about the life of the times from the documents £1.50
IR9 LOCAL HEROES The Men on the Gt Chesterford War Memorial

The lives and deaths of the men of the village who died in the First World War, with brief details of those who died in the 2nd World War

by Peter Oldham £4.50
IR10 A VILLAGE SCHOOL Great Chesterford 1849-1999
By Elizabeth Marshall £2.00

IR11 GREAT CHESTERFORD IN 1801 as revealed in the Inclosure Awards

Ken Kilford does for Gt Chesterford what he did for Lt Chesterford in IR8 £3.50
IR12 A VILLAGE SHOP 1920-1945 Good Times and Bad

Janet Clark's record of Holman Sons, Gt Chesterford, run by her parents £1.40

Ken Kilford presents what is known about Chesterfords lost mansion” and its par £1.50

IR14 Part One - From the Registers 1586-1812 £3.00

IR15 Part Three From the Registers 1923-2005 £3.00

Written by Ian Deatker £1.50
THE BEGINNINGS OF CHESTERFORD from Prehistory to History

A Bulletin published by the Gt Chesterford Archaeology Group (now part of the Chesterford Local History Archaeology Society) in March 1980 £2.00

Looks at Great Chesterford over two millennia £2.00


Compiled by Mary Miller from newspapers and other publications ofthe time £ 2.50  


Great Dunmow

A Dunmow Bibliography 1850-2013

The History of Dunmow with a directory of the parish – J W Savill (1863)

The Dunmow Almanac – J W Savill (1865-72)

Antiquities of an Essex Parish – W T Scott (1873)

Photographic album of Great Dunmow views – T J Smith (pub) (1900)

Picturesque Dunmow – (1910)

Dunmow Almanac and Directory – Robus Bros (1913-16)

Notes on the history of Dunmow (Dunmow Notes no.1) –Robus Bros (ca.1920)

Dunmow Roll of Honour1914-16 (Dunmow Notes no.2) –Robus Bros (ca.1920)

Notes on the Parish Bells of Dunmow (Dunmow Notes no.3) –Robus Bros (ca.1920)

Dunmow Congregational Church (Dunmow Notes no.4) –Robus Bros (ca.1920)

The Lock-up, Coach House etc. and extracts from the Corporation Records (Dunmow Notes no.5) –Robus Bros (ca.1920)

Dunmow Parish Registers (Dunmow Notes no.6) –Robus Bros (ca.1920)

Dunmow and its Charters – Robus Bros (1923)

Lionel Lukin of Dunmow – Robus Bros (1926)

Bacon Curing in Essex: The Dunmow Flitch factory – L M Douglas (1920)

A Short History of Great Dunmow Parish Church – W J House & F Robus (1926)

Dunmow Official Guide – Vickers Kyle (1926)

Tales of Old Inns No.36 – the Saracen’s Head at Great Dunmow – Trust Houses Ltd (1937)

The Story of the Tower of St. Mary’s Church – N Mellish (1937)

A Dunmow Diary –Alexia Wilson (1951)

The Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow – D T Callum (1961)

Dunmow Congregational Church – N T Green (1962)

Hasler & Co.. A Hundred Years of Agricultural Trading – S Knight (1963)

Dunmow through the Ages – D Dowsett (1970)

Country Doctor – G Barber (1974)

All Through the Changing Scene – D Dowsett (1975)

The Bishops Stortford, Dunmow and Braintree Branch – P Paye (1981)

Dunmow in old Picture Postcards – S Jarvis (1986)

The Catholic Church (Dunmow) – D J O’Leary (1987)

Historic Buildings of Essex – The Maltings, Boyes Croft, Dunmow – Essex Historic Buildings Group (1994)

The Dunmow Centenary Book 1894-1994 – Dunmow Historical and Literary Society (1994)

The Names Remain – P & B Street (2000)

The War Years 1939-1945 – K Drury (2005)

Dunmow Diamond Jubilee – P Street (2012)


Dunmow Flitch Books 1850-2013

Dunmow Flitch of Bacon: A History of its Ancient Origin – C Pavey (1855)

History of the Dunmow Flitch of Bacon Custom – W Andrews (1877)

The Strange Story of the Dunmow Flitch – J W Robertson-Scott (1909)

Dunmow Flitch of Bacon: A History of its Ancient Origin – C Pavey (reprinted Robus Bros 1923)

The Dunmow Flitch – a humorous mock trial – B Newman (1929)

The History of the Dunmow Flitch – F W Steer (1951)

The Dunmow Flitch – Dunmow Historical and Literary Society (2008)



Hatfield Broad Oak & Hatfield Regis

The War Memorials Of Hatfield Regis
Traces the lives of the fifty-four men who are commemorated on the Great War memorials in Hatfield Heath, Hatfield Broad Oak and Bush End
178 pages.
Author John Sly
£5.00 +pp

History of the Hatfield Broad Oak PrioryA Tale of a Lonely Parish by Francis Marion Crawford.
WW1 & WW2 Memorial books for the Hatfield Heath Churches.
History of the two Churches.
Booklet on Gibson’s farmhouse and the Hurdle End Cottage.
A History of Hatfield Heath

These reprints are available priced £4.00 plus £1.00 postage from the Treasurer, HRLH Society:


Memories of Henham - this book contains villagers treasured pictures intermingled with personal stories of life in Henham dating from the 1890s.

Written byCarol Eaton and Frances Roberts. Price is £ 10 plus p p. To purchase click here


Parish of Littlebury Millennium Album (2001)
Edited by Lizzie Sanders
Price £13.00
Publisher: Parish of Littlebury Millennium Society
ISBN 0-9543910-0-4

Littlebury; a Parish History (2005)
Edited by Lizzie Sanders & Gillian Williamson
Price £15.00
Publisher: Parish of Littlebury Millennium Society
ISBN 0-9543910-1-2

Available from the Tourist Information Centre in Saffron Walden

The Life and Times of a Country Gardener at Howe Hall (2007)
Stan Casbolt & Sarah Casbolt
Ed. & pub. Lizzie Sanders

Out of print but occasionally available on the internet. 



Sir William Waad, Lieutenant of the Tower and the Gunpowder Plot [lived in Manuden]
Author: Fiona Bengtsen
Price £8.99 Publisher: Trafford (Canada)
ISBN 1-41205541-5 From author:

The Manor of Battles Hall, Manuden: price £3.00
From Manuden History Society:
Manuden during the Second World War:

Price £2.00
Hassobury@ Price 


A Village in Time: the history of Newport, Essex

Authors: Bernard Nurse, Joy Pugh and Imogen Mollet
Editor: Angela Archer
Publisher: Newport News (1995)
ISBN 0 9514601 1 0
Walks Around Newport, Essex

Editor: Judith Bernard Nurse
Publisher: Newport News (1989)
ISBN 0 9514601 0 2

on sale at Newport Post Office and Newport Village Stores
Newport, A History Trail
Publisher: Newport News (new edition 2006)

On sale at Newport Village Stores Price 50p
Newport News

Published twice a year, contact Newport News, The Old Maltings, Newport CB11 3PQ price £2.50


A Deuce of an Uproar
The letters of Eden Nesfield, architect, to the Revd. J F W Bullock, Rector of Radwinter on the Restoration of Radwinter Church completed in 1888.

£15.00 Hardback incl pp.
Publisher: Friends of Radwinter Church
ISBN 0 9513746 0 5
The Description of England
This classic contemporary account of Tudor social life by one of Radwinters most famous Rectors, was originally written as part of an introduction to Holinsheds Chronicles.

£13.60 plus £2.00 pp.
Publisher: Dover Publications Inc.
ISBN 0-486-28275-9
The Remarkable Radwinter Reredos
Fully colour illustrated booklet on this early sixteenth century Brussels altarpiece, described as the finest piece of woodcarving in Essex.

£4.00 incl. pp. Contact:†
Publisher: Friends of Radwinter Church.
William Harrison of Radwinter and Wimbish
The life and times of William Harrison, author of Description of England, published with Holinshed's Chronicles in 1577.

£1.50 incl. pp.
Publisher: Friends of Radwinter Church.
Radwinters ‘Ideal Village Centre
A rare and pristine example of both the social and visual aims of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

£2.00 incl. pp.
Publisher: Radwinter Society.
The Millar Organ at Radwinter Church
The history of the Radwinter Church organ, recently featured as one of Britains great organs, its specification, its builders and its restoration

£2.00 incl pp.
Publisher: Friends of Radwinter Church.
Radwinter's First World War
The activities of the 104 Radwinter men who served during the Great War, including
their friends and relatives and the 28 Radwinter men who gave their lives. 140 pages.
£8.00 + pp.
Author & Publisher: Michael Southgate

Saffron Walden

Saffron Walden Historical Journal

Editor: Jacqueline Cooper
Publisher: Saffron Walden Historical Society
Published twice a year, price £3.00 (postal copy price £4.00)

The Well-ordered Town: a story of Saffron Walden 1792-1862

Author: Jacqueline Cooper
Price £7.95
ISBN 1873669062

The Place Names of Saffron Walden

Author: Malcolm White
Published: SWHS Publications
Price: £8.50 (+£2 postage)


The Victory Heroes

Author: Robert Pike
Published: Ancre Books (2000)
ISBN: 0953950700

We Still Hear Them Singing (poetry)

Author: Robert Pike
Published: Grosvenor House Publishing (2015)
ISBN: 9781781489116
The Company of These Fellows

Author: Robert Pike
Published: Grosvenor House Publishing (2018)
ISBN: 9781786233387
The Coming Night is Full of Stars (poetry and prose)

Author: Robert Pike
Published: Grosvenor House Publishing (2021)
ISBN: 9781839756825

The Sampfords


The Sampfords Society has published a large number of booklets and papers, which can be photocopied t cost. To obtain any of those listed below, contact who will supply details. Payment needs to be made in the form of stamps accompanied by an sae or by cheque addressed to The Sampfords Society if over £5 in value. Copies of some documents can be emailed on request.

CHURCH GUIDES - £1.00 each

1. The Baptist Church, Great Sampford (1996)
2. St Mary the Virgin, Little Sampford (1992)
3. St Michael the Archangel, Great Sampford (1992)

OCCASIONAL PAPERS (if price not given, they are out of print)

  1.   Idyllic Sampford Spinney (1987) 20p
2. St Michael’s Church Kneelers (1993)
3. The Sampfords Society 1984-1994 (1994) 20p
4. Operation Kingfisher (1994) 20p
5. Wartime Recollections (1996)
6. Return to Little Sampford (1997) 20p
7. Ron Page’s Memoirs 1925-1945 (1998)
8. 2000 Calendar (2000) £2.50
9. A Record of the Millennium Year in the Sampfords (2000)
10. Heritage Sampford (2002)

VILLAGE NOTES (all 20p each)

1. The Kingfisher (1985)
2. The Bardfield Oxlip (1985)
3. The Maypole (1985)
4. Roman Amphora from Sampford, Essex (1985)
5. 200 Years of Cricket in the Sampfords (1985)
6. The Domesday Sampfords (1986)
7. The Lime Tree (1986)
8. Meanders on the Pant (1986)
9. Pargetting (1987)
10. Great and Little Sampford – the Placename (1988)
11. Sparepenny Lane – the Placename (1989)
12. Great and Little Sampford – the Parish Registers (1990)
13. The Bull, Great Sampford (1991)
14. The Red Lion, Great Sampford (1992)
15. Arthur Young 1742-1820 and the Sampfords (1993)
16. John Ireland in the Sampfords (1993)
17. Church Graffiti (1994)
18. Cholera in Great Sampford 1886 (1994)
19. Further Notes on Sampford Pubs (1995)
20. Nineteenth century Straw Plaiting (1996)
21. Mistress Dorothy & the Noble Early – Lt Sampford Hall (1997)
22. As Safe as Howses – Air Crash in Village 1972 (1998)
23. Post-War Housing Development (1999)
24. The Parish Cage at Great Sampford (2000)
25. Guy Fawkes Night (2001)
26. ‘Laid to Rest’ (2002)
27. The Pant Bridges at Sampford (2003)
28. Millijon, Febe & Old Sticks – Honeysuckle Cottage People (2003)
29. Crab Apple Jam (Visit 1924-1927) (2004)


1. Enjoying Great Sampford (1998)
2. Enjoying Little Sampford & the Sampfords Farmlands (1989)


The Story of the Sampfords by Gerald Curtis (1981) - £3.00

A comprehensively researched history of the Sampfords parishes. Excellent source of information for genealogists and those interested in the history of properties in the parishes. Hardback 280 pages.


1. Radwinter Hill Farm Accounts (1990)
2. Archives and Source Material for Sampfords History (1992)
3. Abstracts of Sampford Wills (in process)
4. Notes on The Stow, Great Sampford (1989)
5. Friars Farm, Little Sampford
6. Notes on the Site of St Michael’s Church (1998)
7. Documents found in Horrells Fireplace (1988)
8. Notes on River Green House (The Manor House) (1989)
9. Notes on Alan Raswthorne (1998)
10. The Sampfords as seen through Parish Council Minutes 1952-1973
11. The Sampfords Millennium Message (2000)
12. The Essex Kingfisher Report (2000)


Published several times each year – bulletins of news, reviews of Society activities, obituaries, notes on natural history etc. Free to members at time of original publication. Copies available of Notes from October 1984 onward, price 20p per issue. No index available.

Wendens Ambo

History of Wendens Ambo published by Wendens Ambo Society. On sale at Saffron Walden Tourist Information Centre, Hartís Books and via email £20 (P&P £3.75 UK).


Other Publications

Workhouses of The North by Peter Higginbotham
published July 2006 (reprinted Nov. 2007) by Tempus Publishing at £12.99. ISBN 0752440012

Workhouses of The Midlands by Peter Higginbotham
published September 2007 by Tempus Publishing at £12.99. ISBN0752444883


The Great House of Hallingbury
Heather M. E. M. Cocks
Price: £4.00
From Great Hallingbury Local History Society:
Great Hallingbury Village The Years of Change
Ernest W.C. Field
Price £4.00
ISBN O 9514106 1 X
From Great Hallingbury Local History Society:
When the Busy World was Hushed
Ernest W. C. Field
Price £6.00
ISBN O 9514 106 3 6
From Great Hallingbury Local History Society:
Parish Invasion Committee
Ernest W. C. Field
Price: £2.50
From Great Hallingbury Local History Society:

Bush End School
Ernest W.C. Field
Price £2.50
From Great Hallingbury Local History Society:

Great Hallingbury School
Ernest W.C. Field
Price £2.50
From Great Hallingbury Local History Society:
St. Giles Church
Price £1.25
From Great Hallingbury Local History Society:

Books by Robert E Pyke

The Company of These Fellows

Poems by Robert E. Pike; Photos by Carrie Pike
97 pages

Published by Grosvenor House Publishing Limited (2018)

ISBN-13: 978-1-78623-338-7

A collection of poems inspired by events a century ago, stories of those who served, those who waited and were bereft; stories of the lands that were battlegrounds, stories that illustrate the bewildering, terrifying contrast which forced itself upon men who marched proudly from their villages into the nightmarish landscape of war. The humanity of all those involved is a constant theme in Robert Pike's poems and the poems communicate a keen empathy with their subjects. War is monstrous but it also brings out the best in humanity - the individuals that it envelops are beings of infinite variety.
Available on Amazon, or from Tourist Information, Saffron Walden, leading bookshops and

Price £1.25
From Great Hallingbury Local History Society:

For Still We Hear Them Singing

By Robert E Pike; Photos by Carrie Pike

168 pages

Published by Grosvenor House Publishing Limited (2015)

ISBN-10: 1781489106
ISBN-13: 978-1781489109

The centenary of the Great War has given birth to an absolute deluge of material, but unusually this personal miscellany explores the theme through the medium of poetry, many accompanied by photographs. Intensely personal, inspired by the lives and deaths of real people and the need to remember, the poems are often poignant, sometimes humorous, many based on true stories of men from the small market-town of Saffron Walden in rural Essex. They also examine different theatres such as Gallipoli and Palestine and different participants, French, Indian, Italian, Turkish, all who shared a common experience.

Available in Hardback at £12.99 and Softback at £9.99 from the author (plus £2.00 p&p) on; Tourist Information, Saffron Walden, leading bookshops and via FACEBOOK: ANCREGREATWAR


The Victor Heroes
By Robert E. Pike

177 pages
Published by Saffron Walden Ancre Publishers (2001)
ISBN- 0-9539507-0-0

The story of the 159 men from Saffron Walden who died in the First World War and the letters of Lance Corporal Frank Marking to his mother.

Available on Amazon or by contacting

Price £12.99 (plus £2.50 p&p).