Recording Uttlesford History

Place-name Meanings in Uttlesford

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the following meanings are suggested in the classic work, 'Place Names of Essex' by P.H. Reaney

village meaning
Arkesden Arcel’s valley
Ashdon hill overgrown with ash trees
Bardfield open land colonised by dependent peasants
Barnston "Beorn”s farm
Bartlow End hill of the birch trees
Birchanger birch-covered wooded slope
Broxted Badger’s head
Bumpsteads place where reeds grow
Canfield Cana’s open country
Chesterford ford by the camp
Chickney Cicca’s island
Chrishall Christ’s nook or oak
Debden deep valley
Dunmow Meadow on the hill
Elmdon elm covered hill
Elsenham the ham of Elsa
Good & High Easter sheepfold (eowestre) ; Good = Godgiefu
Great & Little Easton Aega’s stone
Hadstock the stocc of Hada or Headda
Hempstead place where hemp grows
Henham at the high hamm
Heydon hay valley
Lindsell Lime-tree hall
Littlebury the little fort
Manuden The valley of the followers of a man called Manna - OE pers. name +inga + denu. 1086 Magghedana, 1130 Manegedan
Newport new town
Pleshey enclosure formed by bending hedge back
Quendon women’s valley or Cwena’s valley
Radwinter 'Raedwynn's tree' -  from an Old English woman's name
Rickling the people of Ricola, 6th century queen of Essex
Rodings the settlement of the people of Hrotha
Saffron Walden valley of the Britons or serfs
Sampford sandy ford
Stansted stone place
Strethall nook by the Roman road
Takeley Taecca’s clearing
Thaxted place where reeds used for thatching grow
Tilty Tila’s enclosure
Uttlesford Udel’s ford
Wendens winding valley
Wenden Lofts from Robert Louhot family
Wicken Bonhunt dwelling place; Bonhunt could be huntsman, or funta = spring/stream
Widdington willow farm
Wimbish meaning unknown