Holy Cross Church

Holy Cross Church, 1910-1920

Holy Cross Church, 2007

FELSTED’S Holy Cross Medieval Church, with its sturdy unadorned Norman Tower: construction work began in 1140 (the oldest part of the church), which stands today even through the battlements. The walls incorporate a wealth of local building materials: flint rubble, stone dressings and Roman bricks and tiles. The West doorway is Norman with 12th Century chevron decoration. The octagonal lantern, weathervane, clock on the top of the tower and a central cupola which contains the clock bell were added in 1700. The Riche Chapel contains some re-used stone & you can see the graffiti on the outside walls.

Archway between Church & Village Street 2008

Example of Graffiti 2008

The Church has served its Lords and the village for nearly a thousand years. Today the villagers meet in this building for worship every Sunday while they listen to the bells ring, for meetings and general community use and the enclosed tower a choir vestry, crèche and toilet.

The blocked up windows in the archway between the church and the village street were used for the distribution of herring to the poor during Lent, this was instigated by Lord Riche

Holy Cross Church, Hilary White