The Felsted War Memorial Hall

The Essex Chronicle of 24th January 1918 reported that a meeting had been held at the Felsted URC Schoolroom to discuss what kind of memorial should be created to honour the war dead. It was agreed it should be in the form of an Institute.
On 25th July 1919 it was reported that the Parish Council had arranged a celebration which had been held at the Bury to welcome home the soldiers of Felsted.

On 4th March 1921 the Chronicle reported that on the previous Sunday afternoon a Memorial had been unveiled in Holy Cross Church by Brigadier General Wigan C.M.G. C.B. D.S.O. M.P. The service was conducted by Rev E.J. Doherty the Vicar of Felsted. In the address it was noted that over two hundred men from Felsted joined His Majesty’s Forces, and the 45 listed had given their lives.

On 25th February 1923 it was reported that a contract had been awarded for the building of Felsted War Memorial Hall. The cost would £1500 and that the plot of land had cost £50. Plans had been drawn by Mr Dannatt, and the builder would be Mr A.G. Wicks. Funds raised totalled £1,509.

The Chairman of the Committee had been Mr F. Jacob, of Junior House.
The Secretary was Rev F. Stephenson, Headmaster of Felsted School.
Honorary Treasurer was Rev E.J. Doherty the Vicar.
Mr G. Wright had represented the Parish.

The speed of the decision making process by the Committee came into question and the Essex Chronicle of 23rd March 1923 reported that a public meeting had been held which was quite heated. It was felt that more people should have been consulted about the design of the building and it was at this meeting that it was agreed that a memorial cross should be added to the plans. The delays and changes add another £400 to the cost of the project but this was donated by the Vicar and Churchwardens. There was also some discussion about the kind of events that could be held in the hall and it was agreed that this should be respectful of the memory of those who had given their lives in the war.

The Essex Chronicle of 29th February 1924 reported that on the previous Sunday afternoon the Hall was opened by the High Sheriff of Essex, Major Guy Gilbey Gold. The Hall was then handed over to a management committee in March 1924.

The First Annual Meeting of Felsted Branch of the British Legion was then reported in the Chronicle of 15th January 1926, being held in the Memorial Hall. The branch had 63 members with new members still coming. Colonel the Revd. W. Moffatt RAF was re-elected branch President.