Introduction to the Newport Parish Registers
of Births & Christenings, Marriages, Deaths & Burials


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We are indebted to Wendy Stubbings, Angela Archer and Newport News for their permission to reproduce the following data from the registers of Newport's churches. This material will make an invaluable contribution to researching the histories of Newport families and of their connections to neighbouring Uttlesford villages.


with Congregational Church Registers

transcribed by Wendy Stubbings and compiled by Angela Archer and Newport News

with an Index to known Wills

The Parish Church registers are held at the Essex Record Office and (for recent entries) Newport Parish Church. Microfilm copies are also available at ERO.

The Congregational registers are held at the Essex Record Office (D/NC 69) and the Public Record Office (PRO GRG4/793). Some early information comes from memorial tablets and gravestones.

(Accuracy cannot guaranteed): although every effort was made to ensure that these records were correctly copied and compiled, researchers are advised to check the original source for any particular entry.)

The entries for Baptisms, Marriages and Burials have been listed in two ways:

1) In date order

2) Alphabetically

Entries have been copied with the original wording altered as little as possible, and the original spelling has usually been retained, including that for place names. Original abbreviations of names have also been retained.

However, Latin (used for occupations and some Christian names in the earlier entries) has usually been translated; this accounts for the modern spelling of occupations up to about 1627. The Latin has been left unaltered where there are alternative translations, where the meaning is obscure, or when it was difficult to read (in the latter cases a note "check" suggests that the researcher checks the original register).The word "spurius", meaning bastard or illegitimate, has not been translated.

During the period of the Civil War and the Commonwealth in the 17th century there are considerable gaps in the Marriages and Burials entries, and few Baptisms. Matters were not helped by an Act of 1653, which promoted the appointment of parish registrars and stipulated a fee of one shilling for each registration, or by an Act of 1654, under which marriages became the responsibility of JPs rather than the clergy, so that marriages in church were not registered. These Acts were revoked at the Restoration.

Some addresses have been shortened.

The Christian names Daniel and David are sometimes difficult to distinguish from one another in the original entries and may occasionally have been confused.

Notes on the Alphabetical listings:

Surnames with varying spellings have been grouped together.When the variants do not follow on alphabetically, cross references have been supplied. Within each surname group the events are in date order.

Where another surname appears, such as an alias, or a mother's maiden name, the entry will also be found in that surname's own group.

It was difficult to decide when a different spelling actually meant a different family; for example there was a clear indication in the Baptisms that the names PATMAN and PATMORE were connected, but these have been separately grouped in all lists.

Marriages: there are two alphabetical lists, one for Bridegrooms, one for Brides; they have been grouped and cross referenced as above, but include only names of both parties and dates. Any further information will be found in the Date Order list.

This information was generated by Newport News and may be used for private study but should not be used without permission for any commercial purposes.Enquiries should be directed to the Newport Village Recorder by e-mail at .

A.A., December 1993

on behalf of Newport News

W.D.J.E., December

on behalf of Recorders of Uttlesford History