Parish Registers of Births & Christenings 1558 - 1915


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Parish Registers of Newport, Essex, with Congregational Church Registers

BAPTISMS IN DATE ORDER, 1558 to end of 1915

"Son of" and "daughter of" have usually been omitted.  Otherwise the original wording of the entries has been altered as little as possible (therefore some surnames appear in the child column, and others in the parents' column).  

Notes and comments made in the registers have been included in the "Parents" column.

Usually in earlier entries the only addresses given were non-local ones; when in later entries merely "Newport" was given, this is omitted here.  Full addresses within Newport have, however, been included.

Children baptised on the same day are not necessarily listed in their original order.

Some entries, between 1695 and 1704, give the date of birth but not the date of baptism (the first states that the child was not baptised).  These may be children of Dissenters who were baptised elsewhere; legislation of 1694 laid down that all births were to be notified to the parish priest.


CON  =    from Congregational Registers

als. = alias

Ln. = London

Mx. = Middlesex

Births & Christenings (alphabetical)

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Births & Christenings (by date)

1558-1599 1599-1628 1628-1665/6 1665/6-1698/9 1698/9-1737/8 1738-1774 1774-1799
1799-1814 1814-1829 1829-1845 1845-1859 1859-1875
1875-1889 1889-1915